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We want to introduce our partner from Malta and Italy Mr. Alan Tonetti, the CEO of "Tao Dust".

Tao Dast

"Tao Dust" is the first tokenized platform for startups. 


What Equity Crowdfunding Looks Like With TaoDust?

Alan Tonetti, the CEO of "Tao Dust" Alan Tonetti

Are you an entrepreneur or someone who is part of a startup that is looking for funding?

Are you an investor with an interest in early-stage business opportunities?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to either of these, then TaoDust can help you!

How you might ask? Simple, TaoDust redefines Equity Crowdfunding through the innovation in an emerging class of tokenized. Money is no longer analog, the invention of distributed ledgers have advanced the idea of “programable-assets” into reality.


MYINVESTCOMMUNITY is an exclusive partner of "TaoDust" in Russia.

2-minute video with Alex Dassler and Alan Tonetti


If you have a business that you want to tokenize or you want to invest in security tokens of existing companies, please, write Alex Dassler in Telegram or Facebook